Interior • 2020

When Encounters Matter

Maggiolina Apartments

Interior design of the common areas of a residential building in Maggiolina neighborhood, Milan.

From the intrinsic character of this district was born the idea of interior design for the common areas of a residential building in Via Tarvisio. A 3D boiserie that runs perpendicularly to the entire hall is characterized by natural Canaletto walnut lines that intersect to create the distinctive pattern, and interrupt to make room for niches covered in bronzed mirror. The “terrazzo” floor on a light background alternately creates the pattern of the carpet, typical of the Milanese tradition, while in the corridors that lead to residential areas the same floor is interspersed with small gray interventions, brackets that give proportion to the large space in which they are located. All the common areas, take up these stylistic dictates, thus showing materials with warmer sensations with anthracite metal elements, that distinguish the most technical elements. The invitation to enter this building is also an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of calm and tranquility, in a serene place that expresses the uniqueness of the domestic environments with all the necessary references to the neighborhood in which it is located.

Project credits

La Roggia Immobiliare

Federico Villa

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