Beatrice Villata graduated in interior design from the Milan Polytechnic. Her career began in Paris at Paillard Pelizza Architecture studio and continued in JPA Jean Pierre Antorini Swiss office. As project manager, she collaborated also with Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners (LPA) in Milan; for both these architectural firms the project she managed are principally based in France from Paris to French Riviera and in Principality of Monaco, specializing not only in private premises but specially in hôtellerie and Real Estate developments.

In 2015 Beatrice created her own design firm and she still manages various private projects (homes and apartments) as well as public projects (hotels and offices). Her cosmopolitan spirit and roots are expressed in all her projects of interior architecture and it is peculiar of her work the masterful ability to manage spaces, also through the balance of lights and colors.

The attention to the smallest details makes her appreciate quickly also from the interior design firm to the furniture companies among them LEMA divisione Contact, with which Beatrice collaborates to solve issues of design and customization of furniture.

Partnership and Clients

Lema divisione Contract, Very&good consulting / RCH, Impresa Rusconi, La Roggia, Immobiliare Perfetti Ricasoli, La Cafferia, OH Working, Prêt à parler, Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners LPA, JPA Antorini Architetti, Paillard Pelizza Architectes, Architetto Pierfederico Ferrario di Tor Vajana, Architetto Paolo Montorfano, Spagnulo & Partners.

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