Furniture • 2021

The Nuances of the Clouds

Interior design consultancy for the mockup apartment in Torre Milano, Milan

In the prestigious residential building Torre Milano the apartment on the twelfth floor, used as a mockup during the presentation, was furnished with the dictates of a modern and cosmopolitan house. The consultancy intervention in this interior design project focused on the elements to be enhanced: among all, the ceilings more than four meters and the windows overlooking the sky of Milan. Canaletto walnut boiserie, the common thread of the living area, becomes a bookcase in the living room, a gateway to the dining area, a partition for the kitchen and cleverly hides an integrated home office, an essential solution of our time. The bedroom area is characterized by textured wallpapers with light tones, which invite you to rest your mind and eyes. The fabrics chosen for the entire apartment are of quiet elegance in shades of white and cream. The furnishings are balanced in a play of soft colors with small interventions of lake green and terracotta. A journey in the colors of the sky and its clouds, from the dusk that radiates from the Alps to the red dawn on the roofs of the Milanese capital.

Project credits

Impresa Rusconi

Federico Villa, by courtesy of Impresa Rusconi

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