Interior • 2019

Vertical Styling

Styling project for Torre Milano sale and marketing – Milan

The client’s request concerned the interior styling for the marketing of the new Torre Milano, signed by the architectural firm Beretta Associati. For the different types of apartments, of various sizes, it was chosen to follow a single thread with the architectural project: a tribute to the great names of Milanese architecture, in particular Giò Ponti and the Pirelli tower, with a mixture of references to the previous Rationalism. This is why in the project we review the typical stylistic features of the bourgeoisie 60’s, both in the use of materials and in their application – walnut paneling, marble and brass details, the cream color of textiles in contrast with graphic black – without neglecting the importance of natural light to fully exploit the potential of expression of every space and the modern aspect of a structure technologically projected into the future.

Project credits

OPM – Impresa Rusconi

Espacio MT

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