Design • 2020


Coffee table in marble and glass with metal structure

If it is true that beauty exists only through imperfections, this coffee table for Beatrice Villata is proof of this. Its history born in Carrara, in the cradle of the prince of noble products, marble. Beatrice, looking for materials for an interior project on the French Riviera, comes across a slab that immediately perceives, at first glance, as unique. Isolated because it was imperfect, the slab was cut incorrectly due to the direction of veins and had numerous green and hazel streaks, considered impure for the kind of “Snow White” marble. It was love at first sight. Beatrice, back home with the slab under her arm, uses it for this coffee table that frames, through the light metal structure and the extra clear glass, the main subject. Just a nice table, full of love.

Project credits

Private Collection

Federico Villa

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